Thursday, April 22, 2010

More bold predictions

The ESPN report on the Steelers shopping Ben is mostly smoke. The truth of the matter is that the Rooney's asking price is extremely particular, and if it's not met, it's not met. This isn't like the Santonio situation where they'd take any deal that was offered. This is one where they'll require a high asking price. Really, nothing less than one of the following combinations:
-top 12 pick and something else
-high 2nd, 4th, and two more future picks
-the science necessary to make Slash violently good
I'm not saying I don't want to see Pig Ben shipped out in shackles to the cruel master that is Al Davis. Are you kiddin'?-- I'd love it! But the Commissioner's memorandum was written in rehabilitative language, with the intent that any franchise -- even one as pious as the Rooney's -- could allow a player to redeem himself. With that in mind, I say reality keeps Ben in the 'burgh. I understand that reality hasn't been on our side these last few weeks, but I'm still betting on it in the long haul.

I say he stays. Lefty gets injured and cut. Dixon gets cut but not injured by Kordell Stewart in a dimly lit parking lot. And Charlie Batch brings a lot of Homestead Urban Achievers closer to achieving their dreams. Hello, 2009 redux; goodbye, potential change.


p.s. not that I'm hedging my bets or anything, but I will say this: nothing surprises me from here on out. A couple of boneheads have completely shaken my faith in the easy-to-predict future, and thus my veracity is at the mercy of who-the-fuck-knows. DON'T BLAME ME IF MATT IS RIGHT.

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Matt said...

Where there is smoke, there is often a burning pile of No. 7 jerseys.