Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brennan's Bold Prediction

Brennan's having some trouble logging in at work, so he's asked me to post his bold prediction for him. Brennan, you may notarize this with your electronic signature in the comments section.

Ben Roethlisberger will not be traded. Not only that, the Steelers won’t even draft a QB prospect or a “camp arm”, and will go to Latrobe with the current foursome.

Byron Leftwich will start, and will generally remind everyone why Tampa Bay both acquired him and subsequently gave him away… he is nice guy, a competent QB, and absolutely not a game changer. You get by with Leftwich for a month, you don’t win the Super Bowl.

Charlie Batch will reprise his role as a great guy to have around, a decent QB who you can absolutely count on to give you at least three or four good snaps before he is injured, and as a prime developer and ambassador of the my beloved Homestead.

Finally, Dennis Dixon will publically proclaim he is happy with his role as a developing QB, while on the inside he will feel he was ready for the chance to become Big Den for a month, while FURTHER on the inside he will know he isn’t ready, and will be double-secret thankful he doesn’t actually need to start Week 1.

As to why the Steelers won’t trade Roethlisberger, well, this leads to a whole separate post I probably have in me, but in the meantime here is the gist of the idea…. it would be a bad business move. Sorry Steelers fans, but the Rooneys are pretty ordinary amongst N.F.L. owners in that they are, in order:

1) Businessmen

2) Moralists

I can make this case in more detail later, but basically there it is. The Rooneys are businessmen first, moralists second. Trading Roethlisberger for anything less than a Herschel Walker-type bounty would be bad business on the field, and yes, even off it. So, it won’t happen.


Brennan said...

This is a great prediction!!!

FRANCOfranco said...

I'm with Brennan!!!!