Tuesday, March 30, 2010

part 2

I didn't actually read through the rest of the Trib article, which is a damn shame. We have gems like this:

There are potential pitfalls in Russell's plan. Cedeno has a career .280 on-base percentage, which is not much better than some pitchers. Zach Duke, for example, has a .215 career OBP.

1) There are no pitfalls in Russell's lineup decisions. This is a terrible team and there is very little at stake for him to screw up. Whether Ronny Cedeno gets a few more or less plate appearances presents zero pitfall.

2) Cedeno has a career .280 on-base percentage. An average scrub player usually has an OBP in the .320-.340 range. Ronny Cedeno is terrible.

3) Zach Duke is the Pirates best hitting pitcher and he has a career .215 OBP. Last year, Maholm had a .115 OBP, Olendorf had a .083 OBP, Morton has a .129 OBP, Karstens had a .160 OBP. Pitchers are terrible hitters and Zach Duke does not represent most guys.

4) Even if Zach Duke's .215 OBP was a good representation of what pitchers can do, it's nowhere close to Cedeno's .280 OBP. Nowhere close! How dare the Trib for suggesting otherwise!

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