Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Report

I don't know how this tidbit of good news slipped under the FTC radar, but the Buccos beat annual spring training rival, Manatee Community College last Tuesday. This, after losing to them last spring.

Several thoughts come to mind regarding this:

1. How drunk do you have to be to go to a Pirates-'Tees game?
2. What's the price difference between enrolling in enough classes to play on the team, vs. the price you pay to go to a Pirates fantasy camp?
3. Should Free Tank Carter start a scholarship foundation for young men in West Florida who are interested in taking Zach Duke deep?
3A. Yes.

1 comment:

Scott Steckel said...

I would proudly donate to this fund, especially if I got a framed picture of the scholarship recipient and Zach Duke in return.