Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mixed Metaphors of the Week

From the PPG:

"We scored so quick in the third quarter when we had the ball and then we hit a lull," [Bruce] Arians said. "We sat there for a while on the bench and I think we lost our rhythm. I got a little greedy there trying to hit the home run ball."

What I like about the phrasing is that he goes so far as to use the word "ball." It's not just a colloquial term for success here; 'home run ball' is a precise reference to something that happens in another sport.

And from the AP:

Harbaugh added: "Ray Lewis is a tough, a physical guy. Ray Lewis is also as a great a sportsman as I've met. He plays good, clean football. I guarantee you the shot on Ochocinco was in the strike zone. I want to stand behind Ray in that sense."

Another football -> baseball thing. Here's hoping FOX's handling of the ALCS will take us in the opposite direction.

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