Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brandon Inge

Watching the end of regular season baseball on TBS.

Top of the 8th. 1 out. Runners on first and second. Joe Nathan vs. Brandon Inge.

The TBS stooge in the booth says "Brandon Inge really personifies what the city of Detroit has been through this year."

I mean, it's true. Brandon Inge is the embodiment of blight. But like, I'm pretty sure the TBS guy meant it as a two-way compliment. "Congratulations Detroit, you've OPSed .538 since the All Star break, and kudos Brandon Inge, you lead all third basemen in unemployment and violent crime." Except said sincerely.

(Holy shit, what is Dana Carvey doing in a T Mobile commercial?? I love playoff caliber advertisements.)

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