Friday, August 28, 2009

From the Smize-archives!

At the top of Smizik's latest blog musings, he describes his storied past as the Pirates' beat writer during the 1970's dynasty.
It was a great experience for a young reporter to be around such an outstanding team and such extraordinary players. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but it was an honor to cover Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Bill Mazeroski and the rest of those players. They were my Boys Of Summer.
Wow, Bob! That's a really incredible gig! But was it enough to make you... enjoy sports?

October 14th, 1960--
While there is reason to celebrate now, you can expect even more fireworks from Pirates' second basemen in the future. Bill Mazeroski's hit is looking less and less like an aberration, and more like something he can build on.

October 1st, 1972--
3,000 hits for Bob Clemente, and he's just getting started! Could we be seeing the makings of a 4,000 hit career?

April 7, 1973--
Bucs win opening day, as Steve Blass gets a jittery start out of his system. Should be smooth sailing from Pirates' ace from here on.

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