Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playoff Fuzz, part II

Well, we're into round two, with game 3 set to begin in less than two hours time.  Sid and I have both been working overtime on the beards, and here's what we got:

Crosby's puckering up in this shot to really accentuate all three hairs (note the third one coming below the lip area.)
Not bad, not bad.  A little Rogaine around the cheek areas might accelerate the process, but on the whole, this is a good start for our Captain.

While we're on the subject of hockey, I just thought I'd mention, that it's really important for Evgeni Malkin to make his presence known.  Staal's line has looked damn good, and you can't argue with the results we're getting out of the first squad.  So it's really going to be up to Geno and Sykora to make Varlamov work when his A-team isn't in front of him. 

Okay, so back to the fuzz... here's a picture of my chin, taken just today.  (Sorry to those of you who just ate.)  

As you can see, I have what's called the "mole advantage."  If nothing else works, I can fall back on the birth mark to yield a hair or two.  I think that's also a neck beard that's coming in, but as you'll remember: DOES NOT COUNT!  

Not the best hockey fuzz you'll ever see, not the worst.  We're definitely improving from last year, and as our bodies hit puberty we'll probably both be better hockey players.  

Hey, speaking of hockey players-- isn't it time for Sergei Gonchar to bury one in the net??  I'm all for this new-found possession game (it really is everything I ever wanted from these guys), but someone needs to be the one to pull the trigger after a good cycle.  

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