Thursday, April 23, 2009

Know Your Buccos!

Major League Baseball clubs are revolving doors these days -- personnel come and go with each passing season, and few fans, especially in Pittsburgh, ever get to know anything about the players on their team. With that in mind, FTC is proud to bring you Know Your Buccos: a Q&A forum to help you get to better know your Pittsburgh Pirates.

QUESTION: What is your favorite movie?

Sean Burnett: 'Top Gun'.

Ian Snell: Oh, definitely 'Top Gun'.

Craig Hansen: Oh man. Either 'Top Gun' or 'Half Baked'...Probably 'Top Gun'.

Nate McLouth: 'The English Patient', hands down.

Freddy Sanchez: That's tough. I love so many movies. I love 'Major League'. But I think my all-time favorite would have to be either 'Billy Madison' or 'Top Gun'.

Zach Duke: Oh, no contest. It's gotta be 'Top Gun'. It was, like, the first or second or third movie I ever saw, and it's the reason I'm left-handed.

Nyjer Morgan: Three-way tie between, I think, 'Camp Nowhere', 'The Magnificient Ambersons' and 'Asian Spermaholics 7'. I've always been fascinated with the rich and unheralded culture of the Far East.

Adam LaRoche: I loved 'The Deer Hunter' until I saw it and realized that they didn't kill any freaking deer. I'd never felt so cheated in my life, and -- this is a funny story -- I was so angry while driving home from the theater that I accidentally ran over a kid with my car. True story!, I don't know. Probably 'Top Gun'.


FRANCOfranco said...

This is exactly how the "Tell Me... What's On Your Mind??" scoreboard feature goes. Exactly!

Except for Nyjer Morgan. What he says in real life is far more bizarre.

Matt said...

Which is?

FRANCOfranco said...

"Well, let's see... if it's a ...FRIDAY night... it would have to be: 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas!'"


I can't verify this, but in my mind, Nate says: