Monday, April 27, 2009

Know Your Buccos! Vol. 2!

Question: What's your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

Paul Maholm: Aw, well, I think the people. It's a real blue-collar town, you know? I'm just a southern boy, but the people here have been so good to me. Sometimes I even get recognized in public. One time, I was with Adam LaRoche at Sharper Image in Ross Park Mall, and a little kid came up and asked Adam for his autograph, but I guess he saw I was in a crummy mood because my goldfish had just died, so he didn't even talk to me. The fans here are great.

Zach Duke: They just opened up a Lonestar Steakhouse down on the Waterfront about two years ago. I think that's my favorite. My parents don't have to overnight them to me from home anymore.

Ian Snell: I saw Vanilla Ice at McFadden's last Saturday.

Nyjer Morgan: When we get an day off in town, I like to take 910 up to Gibsonia and chill for a few hours at the Western PA Model Railroad Museum. Walking around all those mini-villages with mini people living mini-lives frozen in time makes me feel huge. Sometimes I imagine I'm Mothra or God, and I breathe fire at the houses.

Craig Hansen: They have this great little hydroponics shop on the South Side. It's...
/yawns's pretty sweet.
/eats Cheetos

Freddy Sanchez: Probably my bedroom. I have an XBox 360 in my bedroom. I also like the Starbucks down on the Waterfront.

Nate McLouth: All the culture. I love driving around seeing where they shot parts of "Flashdance" and "Striking Distance" and stuff.

Eric Hinske: How do you guys say it? Down-turn? Dahn-teern? Heh. You know, where Blush is.

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