Monday, April 6, 2009

And we're off...

I don't get Pirates games out here in Crooklyn (only Mets, Yankees, Staten Island Yankees, Cyclones, Angels, Athletics, Indians, Rangers, Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Cubs, Reds, Phillies, Astros, Rays, Marlins, Nationals and Braves). So can my fellow monkeys get to their typewriters and fill me in on the human elements of the game that I'm missing?

The box score tells me the following:
-Nyjer Morgan has gone yet another day without being exposed as a fraud by major league pitching. Cool!

-Paul Maholm is legit. (As a non-profit blog with a readership of like...4... we don't have the power to jinx, right Matt?) I'd love to see a few more K's, and we need to see more strikes thrown (49/89!), but it seems like Paul kept his cool and pitched well enough to keep it close, and give our offense (?) a chance.

-Matt Capps is a save machine. 1 for 1, bitches!

Things the box score doesn't tell me:
-Which "A. LaRoche" played 1b, and which one played 3b. I know who's supposed to be where, but there's no way of verifying that J.R. got it right.

-How Maholm looked at the plate, drawing 2 walks after everyone else on the team struck out at least once.

-How Pujols looked when he decided not to go yard. Was it sort of a calm generosity in his eyes? Or a "you're lucky I'm saving myself for Snell" sneer?

Give me details on this and other happenings around town.

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Matt said...

A few things here:
SI's John Heyman predicted Paul Maholm as his top breakout pitcher of the year, which means that Heyman has never seen Maholm pitch, and is making this decision based solely on 1) Paul Maholm is a former first-round pick, and 2) Paul Maholm was 2-0 with a 1.52 ERA in the Grapefruit League this year.

Other Heyman "breakout" candidates include Corey Hart (20+ homers and SB each of the last two years), Andre Ethier (career .844 OPS in nearly three full ML seasons), 29-year-old Rick Ankiel (25 homes and an .843 OPS last year), 36-year-old Chan Ho Park (16 ML seasons), Clay Buchholtz (threw a no-hitter in the bigs last year), 30-year-old Jayson Werth (24 homers, 20 SB, .846 OPS last year), Javier Vasquez (like, 41 years old?) and D-Backs' outfielder Chris Young (54 homers the last two seasons, miserable BA and OBP).

Good call on Snell v. Pujols. Who saw THAT coming?

I don't think there's anything more we can do to jinx this team than it's done to jinx itself. If we've learned anything over the last 16 years, it's that we are powerless.