Monday, March 16, 2009

Live from Bradenton, Part V

"He's had a big league track record, that until last year, wasn't too shabby. Last year was disastrous."
-Bob Walk on Craig Monroe, after referring to him as a young man
Sorry, I don't mean to pick on Bob Walk like I have some superior knowledge of baseball. I don't want to be that guy. I'm just wrecked by a couple of subpar seasons, and probably the seven walks issued last inning. I'm not attacking anyone for being wrong, so much as I'm attacking people for being happy. I guess I'm that guy. You know... Bob Smizik.

Anyway, on with the attacking...

Craig Monroe's OPS+ by season:
2001 - 66
2002 - 16
2003 - 97
2004 - 116
2005 - 104
2006 - 99
2007 - 65
2008 - 83
career- 95

I'm totally stoked by the way this guy is swinging the bat/glove at the moment, but let's face it: he's 32 years old and is a couple of plate appearances away from having a career OBP below .300. This is spring training and that's enough of a reason for him to be on a tear.

Neal Huntington is being interviewed. He's so unbelievably dreamy. He said FAs aren't part of his philosophy, and if you read between the lines he meant: "Joe Randa? FUCK THAT NOISE!"

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