Monday, March 16, 2009

Live from Bradenton, Part II

Joe Kerrigan is being interviewed. He's definitely as more-than-competent as the Smiz raved he would be. Discussed some of his philosophy (throw early strikes) and backed them up with numbers (splits for 0-1 and 1-0 counts). Then they asked him about something, which I found quite amusing: ... the practice of visualization!

Apparently, Joe wants his pitchers imagining positive outcomes (i.e. the ground ball to second when they set up to throw their sinkers away). I'm entirely sure that this can't hurt a thing, and I don't begrudge the method one bit. However, I do think very mild hilarity ensues if we take this to its logical extension (John Russell holding team meditation sessions before every game; it's not "Ya Gotta Believe!" with our team, it's "Ya Gotta See It In Your Mind's Eye!", etc.).

All I know is that I just yelled "C'MON JACK! VISUALIZE THAT SHIT!" when he made a terrible throw to first.

This will catch on.

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