Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nobody has any idea what is going on

Peter Gammons reported last night:

As midnight approached Wednesday night on the East Coast, officials from the Marlins and Red Sox said a deal involving Manny Ramirez was not done. Indications from Pittsburgh were that the Pirates were not satisfied with the players they were receiving in exchange for sending Jason Bay to Boston. And in California, Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, said he had been told nothing, which means nothing has been completed in terms of Ramirez's waiving his no-trade rights or in completing paperwork to send to the commissioner's office.

So, the complicated three-way deal might go down close to Thursday's 4 p.m. ET deadline. Ramirez wants out, and is willing to go to Florida. The Marlins want him -- and what he means to their pennant chances and pursuit of a new ballpark. The Red Sox clearly are willing to finance Ramirez's exit.

If this is true, it would appear that Neal Huntington is holding this thing up. The Pirates are holding the Marlins, Red Sox and Rays hostage right now to get the deal that they want. Even if the deal doesn't get done, how freaking encouraging is this? This could go down in history as the day that our organization grew a pair. Huntington doesn't need to trade Bay, and he knows it. But he's got two teams who want to get a deal done involved, and it seems to be at the point where they need the Pirates involved if the deal is going to get done. They NEED the Pirates. But the Pirates are going to get what they want, and they're not going to be pushed around. Brilliant.


Dejan's reports this morning seem to confirm that the Pirates are directing traffic on this deal. Same with Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. Fox's Ken Rosenthal appears to have jumped on this bandwagon, too, but I'm not going to link you to his page because it just keeps crashing my web browser.

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus reports that Marlins prospect Ryan Tucker is off the table, and that Manny has already waived his 10-5 rights.
In a related story, intrepid Trib reporter Rob Biertempfel is making excuses:

Trib policy precludes me from publishing rumors or scenarios attributed to anonymous sources, even if those sources work for the Pirates. So as the minutes tick away up to 4 p.m., we'll deal here with firm, confirmed reports.

Yeah, ever since you guys totally blew that Steelers head coaching hire and put Russ Grimm's ugly mug on A-1, you've been forced to cease practicing journalism. Also, "...firm, confirmed..."? This is all the work you have to do today besides reloading every few minutes. You couldn't write a better phrase than that? It's not even worth the thirty-two seconds of effort it would take to keep "firm" from appearing in back-to-back words?

Funny. You know who only reports confirmed information? Dejan Kovacevic. And he's got a crazy amount of content on the PBC Blog, because he's really good at his job.
This Baseball Prospectus profile of Bay seems to indicate that the Pirates might be trading him at just the right time, as a collapse could be on the horizon.
Tailgate Crashers runs down the 20 worst MLB trades of the last 15 years. You'll recognize some names.

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