Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tyler Kennedy is a spaz

A few notes on the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals:
  • Every time I've ever live-blogged a game involving a team I actively root for, it ends in disaster. This goes back two or three years, when people were paying me to do this kind of thing, and Pitt football would get absolutely shellacked by powerhouses like Michigan State. In fact, looking back over my old site, I hadn't live blogged a game since last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs, when the Pens went down to Ottawa in five. This is going to stop immediately.
  • All Tyler Kennedy does is forecheck and shoot. I'm not sure anyone has told him there is anything more to hockey than forechecking and shooting. This is because he forechecks like a madman, and every time the puck comes within 24 inches of his stick, he shoots. Back home, Tyler Kennedy is what we like to call a "spaz." Also, and this is definitely worth noting, he looks like an inbred Sidney Crosby.
  • There are three Penguins who are honestly holding up their end of the bargain right now: Jordan Staal, Max Talbot and...yeah...Marc-Andre Fleury. Of the seven goals Fleury has allowed in the first two games, he's been straight up beat on three of them. The others have directly resulted from turnovers in front of the net, crappy defense, guys being way out of position, and one last night on a straight up prayer/miracle hybrid.
  • Last night, Ryan Malone played hockey like a dyslexic three-toed sloth.
  • Chris Osgood hasn't looked outstanding in net for Detroit, but the Pens haven't had a decent shot on net in two games. So it's hard to tell.
  • Geno has been absolutely abused to this point.
  • Michel Therrien should consider scratching Hal Gill and dressing Darryl Sydor to add some extra speed to the lineup. At this point, its certainly worth trying, and it's not like Hal Gill has contributed a whole heck of a lot to this point.
  • Detroit is a better hockey team than the Penguins.

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