Friday, May 16, 2008

Linkey teim!!!!!!11

Sports are rigged. All of them. I'm okay with this, because occasionally, it means things like the Pens dropping Game 4 in Philly so that they can have the extra day off, Gary Roberts has time to get over pneumonia, and the team can close out the conference finals at home on network TV.

So with two days off and relatively little going on, here are amazing, enjoyable, time-killing links to things.

The only people it's easier to hate than the Flyers are Philly fans. The Penguins agree.

The goof ball roll on Manny Ramirez is 28 minutes long, says Karl Ravech. This is one of the most enjoyable segments BBTN has done in some time.

Madden 2009 is amazingly gorgeous.

Former Pirate Josh Fogg learned why it's never a good idea to spot Junior Griffey that $1500 bucks.

I haven't gotten sick of this yet, and I doubt I ever will.

More next week, when hopefully the firestorm of office duties subsides.

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