Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ceremonial first faceoff. The Joe Louis Arena PA announcer just called Sidney Crosby "Steven Crosby," apparently mistaking him for an amalgamation Stephen Stills and David Crosby. Also, there are octopuses all over the ice, and that's freaking disgusting.

First real faceoff goes to the Pens.

8:20: Georges Laraque and Darren McCarty are already jawing at each other. How good an idea is a fight in the first period of Game 1? I'm asking. I'm really not sure.

8:25: Letang gets two for interference, then Tomas Holmstrom gets a slashing call. Four-on- four leads to a nice looking possession for the Pens. Two good shots, one from Hossa. I missed the other because I was paying more attention to my burrito than necessary. The Spice Cafe burritos are really, really delicious.

8:27: First Bud Light commercial. The over under of these for the series is currently at 940.

8:30: Six-and-a-half minutes in, and Fleury looks amazing.

8:34: Jarkko Ruutu is jawing at someone. Lots of back and forth so far, and not too many good scoring chances. Something needs to happen soon.

8:36: Great scoring chance from the first like, Dupuis to Hossa, right in front of the net. No dice. Stoppage in play, followed by a shot of the crowd watching from inside Mellon Arena. Shaving cream commercial.

8:38: Commercial break check of reveals the Pirates are up 2-1 over Chicago in the 6th! Also, Nik Lidstrom to the box for hooking! Power play!

8:44: Pens basically had a 5-on-3 for a bit when one of Detroit's players lost a stick. Still couldn't get it in. Chris Osgood is looking like the the best goalie the Pens have had to face so far. The power play doesn't look bad, though. They're getting their shots off, they're cycling the puck beautifully, and they're controlling the play. Nothing outside Detroit's zone. So it's at least a little encouraging.

8:47: Nik Lidstrom puts a wrist shot right past Fleury. Shit. Shit shit shit.




The NHL must want the Pens to win this series. That's, what? Three, four goals against the Pens these playoffs that have been disallowed? Jesus.

8:50: Back on the PP, Malone beats 73-year-old Kris Draper for the puck off the faceoff.

8:52: Kronwall levels Malone, Malkin JUST misses.

8:54: Penalty killed.

8:56: I've switched from Hoegaarden to Blue Point Summer Ale, and another lonely Pens fan has entered the bar. My buddy Travis, who doesn't care at all about hockey, just got done telling me a story about seeing some guy he knows in a gay porn film and has now gone off to play the MegaTouch in the far corner of the bar. Under a minute left.

8:59: One period down, 0-0. You get the idea that these two teams are still just kinda sizing each other up. Looks like just as predicted by lots and lots of people, we're going to have a heavily defensive series that could be decided on power plays and breakaways. Not terribly exciting hockey so far, but decidedly good hockey.

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