Friday, June 8, 2007

The Pirates scouting department in action

College World Series announcer: They say Moskos throws harder in relief, which makes sense, since you're only out there for an inning or two.

CWS announcer 2: You can really see what the Pirates liked in Moskos, and why they thought so highly of him that they drafted him with the #4 overall pick.

[Moskos, big lefty hard-throwing reliever comes in with a 5-3 lead for his team, Clemson. Mississippi State has one runner on base. He projects, according to ESPN, as a closer prospect, a la Mike Gonzalez, or a middle reliever, a la Brandon Lyon]
[First pitch: Home run to dead center. Tie game.]

[Second pitch: Double.]

[Third pitch: Hard hit single.]

CWS announcer: Well, you can imagine, with the day he had yesterday, with being selected in the first round and all, how he might be distracted.

[Moskos yanked, runner would later score to give MSU a 6-5 lead. Line for the day: BS, L, 0 IP, 3 ER, ERA and WHIP both infinity]

[Amerigo Vespucci starts drinking].

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