Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, we're no Jacksonville

So some person who is even more bored than me put together the list of the winningest cities all time. But it's some shoddy statisticking.

The good news: Pittsburgh clocks in at #19 (.505 total), Buffalo at #16 (.507), and Boston #13 (.51276623894570238003245790234763459069567900293728936560238402...)

The bad news: The top five includes Salt Lake City (#2, the Jazz), Edmonton (#4, the Oilers), and Montreal (#5, Canadiens, Maroons and Expos), and Montreal is the only city with more than one team. The top 10 includes Calgary, Portland, and Jacksonville, before giving way to actual cities like LA and New York/New Jersey, which someone should have told ESPN is not one city but two states.

My question: How do you not give weight to cities that have more than one team? The Canadiens are about 1,000 games over .500, which is just a hair under the total number of games played in the #2 city, Green Bay, since 1927.

All right, whoever put this together is almost as bored as me.

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