Friday, April 20, 2007

Lil' John v. Alyssa Milano

I can't decide which Fan Blog I'm more excited about.

Alyssa has managed to stay hot, talks about dating baseball players, and is bringing real knowledge - who knew she could actually understand baseball? - plus, her blog is named *touch* 'em all...

But Lil' John has pictures of him with the Stanley Cup and sentences like this about the Thrashers:

They’re all great guys. I met all of the cats and they showed me a lot of love. They appreciate me coming out which I thought was amazing. Sometimes they get kinda pumped up when they look over; they saying to themselves "Jon’s in the house tonight, we gotta crank it up!"

I'm torn.


m dot said...

Lil John. C'mon. Was this really a tough question?

Unknown said...

The arguments for Alyssa:

1. She knows about baseball (!)

2. She's managed to stay hot, which is like a punk band staying together for 30 years; I give major points for surviving yourself.

3. Baseball is better than hockey, for blogeration purposes. That being said, Snoop is into hockey, so he and Lil' John have given it way more street cred than baseball.

4. She has her own clothing line. Until Lil' John endorses my own line of grills, I can't back him.