Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keith Benjamin: The Pride of Mt. Vernon, NY

Thank you, Keith Benjamin, for carrying on the proud Pitt athlete tradition of beating the shit out of women.

The Post-Gazette reported today that police witnessed Benjamin arguing with his ex, Ashley Olczak. She looked about like someone who'd had the crap kicked out of her, Benji looked like he'd just finished one of his nice 25-minute-long streches of sitting on the bench. The argument, apparently, turned violent when Olczak punched him in the stomach.

After she hit him, Olczak said Benjamin punched her on the left side of her face. Olczak said she hit Benjamin in the chest again and that Benjamin punched her again, this time knocking her to the ground. Officers observed swelling and a bruise on Olczak's right cheek. She said she did not know how the other injuries occurred, but said they were a result of the fight.

Benjamin contended in the criminal complaint that Olczak threw several punches at him that he was able to block with his hands. Benjamin, who was uninjured, said he never hit Olczak and did not know how she received her injuries. Both refused medical treatment. Olczak was arrested as well.

So she was so fierce that he was forced to put up a guard and hide behind it while she kicked the crap out of herself.

Or maybe a third party, perhaps a one-armed man, came in and beat her up with his prosthetic arm, while Benjamin was blocking her punches.

Maybe after he gets off, Benjamin can search Oakland for the real abusive dickhead.


Spinmove said...

Chris Seabrooks says the real assaulter was Yuri Demetris!

M dot said...

Dang... Mt. Vernon is "The City that Believes" you know? In what? I don't know.

Anyway, I believe Rod Rutherford was hiding behind a bush the entire time and assaulted Ms. Olzack.