Wednesday, April 4, 2007

J.D. Quinn for Congress!

From ESPN:

Former offensive lineman J.D. Quinn and Bomar were permanently dismissed from the team the day before the start of practice last fall for taking money for hours they did not work at a Norman auto dealership.
Quinn, who transferred to Montana, told the Tulsa World he didn't understand why he and Bomar were kicked off the team Aug. 2.
"All I did was take cash," Quinn said. "I didn't break any laws and I get kicked off the team, but there's people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that, and there's nobody getting kicked off the team for that type of stuff."

1. "All I did was take cash" is a wonderful quote, certainly in the running for best of the year by a moron athlete.

2. Throwing your teammates under the bus should help you get back on the team.

Quinn declined to provide details of his allegations about other players, but said it was not necessarily about players on the OU team.
"I was just saying around the country. I wasn't saying it in the context of Oklahoma. There's just people I've heard of doing things."

Wait, scroll back up... Okay, J.D., you said:

"...but there's people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that..."

So, "the team" means "around the country." And you don't actually know what any of those things are, you've just heard that people, somewhere, do those things. And that that those poeple don't get kicked off of whatever team they might be on. But you just took cash, so you should be back.

J.D. Quinn needs to run for office, and I mean now.

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Matt said...

My favorite self-defense statement of all-time is still going to be Bonzi Wells' impromptu press conference while still with the Blazers.

Q: Can you comment on Monday's game?

A: We lost. Tough game.

Q: What about the incident with the fan?

A: It was a tough game last night. I wish we could have won. That's about it.

Q: Did you flip off a fan, Bonzi?

A: I don't remember nothing like that, but if I did, I was probably wrong. But I don't remember doing nothing like that. I black out sometimes [he winks].

Q: You also didn't remember spitting on Danny Ferry.

A: Why do you have to bring up old stuff all the time? Why can't we talk about good stuff sometimes, man?

Q: If you did flip off a fan last night, if your memory does come back, would you apologize?

A: Oh, definitely. When my memory comes back, I will. But, you know, I black out and have black flashes sometimes.

Q: Is your memory about ready to come back?

A: Yeah, I mean, there was something.

Q: Three games into the season and here we go again.

A: Here we go again, huh? It's another season. If something like that did happen, then I do apologize. But, you know, if that fan was a little more professional, you know, I probably wouldn't have had to do that. If I would have been a little more professional, I wouldn't have put myself in this position. So, if I did do something like that, I do apologize, but, you know, frustration sets in sometimes and you do frustrating things.

Q: What did the guy say?

A: I don't know. Something petty. Something that happened yesterday that's over with. It's in the past, and all I got to do is look forward to my future.

Q: Was it anything racial?

A: I don't know, because I don't think there's a racist person in Portland, so I don't really want to go there.

Q: You talked before the season about being more mature. What happened?

A: You try, man. I tried, brother, but I'll tell you, I'm not going to be 100 percent perfect. I told you I'm going to have a 10 percent lapse sometimes.

Q: This is not going to come across well with the fans. Why not own up to your actions?

A: C'mon, man. Y'all can't keep baiting, man. You're not going to bait me into doing something or saying something retarded. I mean, it happened, it's over, and we lost the game. We play Memphis tomorrow. If y'all want to talk about Memphis, we can. Let's just get past this.

Q: So, there was an incident?

A: All right, thanks fellas