Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Hey, Jay, let's drink this bottle of Tequila and then you can show me your 12-gauge collection"

Jayson Williams, the charismatic New Jersey Nets center who was holding a shotgun when it shot his driver in the face, is STILL ON TRIAL, five years after the alleged incident.

Today, a 4-3 decision allows a second jury to hear that Williams wiped down the gun and jumped into a pool after the incident, presumably to remove his prints from the gun and take one last dip in his pool before the anticipated legal fees forced him into a studio apartment in the rough part of Trenton.

The good news is that Williams' plans to appeal, so he'll die of old age while out on bail, long before anyone might actually decide if he's guilty of recklessness or if the shooting was accidental. I don't mind saying that, in cases like these, I don't envy the jury. It's a pretty fine line between accident and negligence.

I mean, there were some times in college when me and my roomies got pretty stupid, but it's not like, if something bad had happened, it would have been more one person's fault than another's.

Of course, that doesn't mean someone wouldn't have been held accountable. Also, I wasn't getting paid to drive any of my roommates around.

So I say make Jayson Williams fight in court for another five years, then let him off with the accumulated time, energy, stress and legal fees as his punishment. It's not like anyone's ever going to be dumb enough to go over to his house again, anyway.

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