Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chris Henry is a one-man, neo-conservative think tank

Chris Henry and Pacman Jones met with NFL commish Roger Goodell in New York yesterday. FTC's "Man on the Inside" reported that the discussions -- held over coffee and an out-of-this-world apple crumb cake -- were genial and productive, though no suspensions were handed down to either player for his most recent off-season conduct. That's still to come, and both players were made aware of that. In fact, Goodell is so serious about cleaning up player conduct that any new discipline codes the NFL ratifies could include lifetime bans.

But after leaving the meeting at NFL HQ, Henry gave a phone interview to the NFL Network. When Rich Eisen, appearing on the NFL Network for the 12,146th consecutive hour, asked Henry what he might say to fans who are troubled by his propensity for getting arrested, Henry called a play designed for him by close friend and former roommate Karl Rove.

"They're really not true fans, I guess."

If you question the quality of Chris Henry's character, not only are you not a real football fan, but you're helping to energize those who Chris believes are the NFL's rivals, i.e. the commissioner's office and any law enforcement.

Chris Henry is on a crusade to purify the game. Football isn't about money, it's about using that money to buy alcohol for underage girls. It's about having someone in your entourage dump giant bags of that money on strippers, and shooting whoever tries to retrieve it. If you don't understand that, you're not a real fan, and the terrorists have already won.

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Second Eye said...

A political comment on a sports blog guaranteed to alienate 40% of your viewer base!