Friday, March 30, 2007

Peace out, Dan Kolb

The Pirates cut Dan Kolb, saving themselves $1.25 Million, which is about enough to buy a section of people a Yuengling each at PNC Park. That is just one of the infinite things the Pirates can better spend that money on. So the bullpen spots belong to Wasdin and Bayliss, though apparently Juan Perez has been pitching really well (!) and may keep Grabow (who's injured) out of it long-term if he continues to play like this.

The real battle left now is for bench spots. Brad Eldred drew his 11th walk of the preseason yesterday (tying him for seventh in the, but there is still a chance he'll get cut. Still, the Pirates have shown uncharacteristic innovation in letting him play OF, and now they cut Kolb. So I'm still just hoping that they'll keep him and whatever crappy-hitting backup catcher they see fit.

Please. Just do it, Bucs. Keep Brad.

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